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Stupid People

Hello again!! Sorry for not writing sooner. I’ve had a few things going on over the past couple days. Today and Thursday were probably the worst to be honest. Thursday is one of my two days off. So technically it’s my Sunday. It’s also the only day I have off with my boyfriend. So it’s usually the one day a week that we have to get everything done together that we need to, as well as to spend time together, so basically two birds one stone. So anyways, why Thursday was the worst…

On Thursday Nick had to go to the Optometrist at around 1520, so we were planning on getting a few things done before his appointment. Wednesday afternoon, we get contacted by his mom, who’s bugging us yet again about taking his ferret to my stepmom’s. So we finally just said “Screw it, we’ll do it tomorrow.” So I got in touch with my stepmom, let her know what was going on, and she was really cool about it and just said “Ok bring her by when you can.” Originally we were planning on going over there (stepmom lives in Cashmere, WA by the way) in the morning before Nick’s appointment, but since he had to a full 12-hour shift and didn’t get home until around 0600, we slept through the alarms, and were a little late to the Optometry appointment. Then we had to drive from Seattle down to Puyallup to get his ferret and all of her things, then start to head towards the pass. We had to stop at a gas station to fill up his car and to out air in the rear passenger tire that has been slowly deflating. We get about halfway to my stepmom’s, I’m driving, and watching the digital display for his tire pressures, and all of a sudden the one tire’s pressure goes from 26 to 4 to 0!!! Immediately, I just go “Oh shit!” and turn the blinkers on so I can pull over to the side of the road. Nick is in the passenger seat, hears my exclamation and asks what’s going on. I tell him and he starts saying “Oh that can’t be right” before getting out of the car, looking at the tire, and goes “Uh babe, the tire is completely flat.” I face palmed. This is what happens when you don’t believe the person that’s driving and watching the display change. Anyways, so he gets out the jack and spare tire and starts to change it out. Just after he gets done putting the lug nuts back on, we hear something and look up, and there’s a State Trooper pulling up behind us. Apparently someone who passed us called in a disabled vehicle, so dispatch told him to come check on us. Nice guy though (cute butt too lol). We explain what happened, where we were going, and answered every other question the officer had for us. After a couple minutes, he got back into his SUV and took off. We went the rest of the way (about an hour and a half) driving between 50 and 55 MPH with the hazard lights on, and people passing us giving us dirty looks. We finally get to my stepmom’s around 2240 (we left around 1930 by the way, and should have gotten there around 2130 at the latest). We got everything set up, said our goodbye’s and headed out. Stopped at a 24 hour Wal-Mart, got some tire patch stuff for a temporary fix, took care of that at a gas station down the street, got food, then headed back here. We didn’t get home until around 0500. It was ridiculous.

Today was just rough at work. There was a Kenny Chesney concert today in Seattle. I love Kenny, I really do. The only concert I’ve ever been to was a Kenny Chesney concert that my mom, sister, and I went to together. With where I work, we’re in an office on the first floor of a King County parking garage. There’s a company that will “rent” out the top floor of our garage so that people can pay for parking during certain events. Well, today was one of those days unfortunately. By the time I got to work, the garage already had a decent number of concert attendees, most of them already drinking. So when I left the office to go do a patrol of the garage, the Supervisor lady stopped me and asked for help. Apparently there were several things going on and nobody wanted to listen to her. So she called on the security chick that she’s on good terms with lol. First people I had to deal with was a couple who decided that it was a good idea to open their beers in their car, while parked on government property. SMH. So I had to tell them to dump the open containers before I got the police involved. They complied. The next group was up on the top floor. There were about 6 of them, and they decided they were going to start taking selfies, with their open beer cans, and just chill outside their vehicles in the sun. I don’t care if they want to chill in the sun and take pictures, but not with alcohol. So had to make them dump their beer too. Kind of a waste of alcohol, but it had to be done. I really hate stupid people.

Due to the past few days, and all of the shit I’ve had to deal with, while I’m typing this out, I’ve got my own open beer sitting next to me. Only difference is that I’m at home, not in a public place where alcohol isn’t allowed. I don’t know whether I want to scream with frustration, or just quit my job. I’m so sick and tired of dealing with this stupid shit. But I need my job so I can pay my bills… at least until my boyfriend is able to finish flight school. Once he gets his pilots license and starts to make more than I do in a week, I think I’ll quit my job for a little while and just relax and take care of things here at home.

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Entertaining People

Currently I’m at work, and don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I get to watch stupid people doing the dumbest things on a daily basis, plus I get to enjoy watching idiots getting arrested every now and then because they were dumb enough to let a cop run their ID even though they know they have warrants out for them. Well, so far, today has been one of those days. For safety’s sake, I’m going to call my friend Officer Michael (I might make reference of him later on in future posts since I work with him quite a bit).

So about an hour after I get to work, I’ve got everything set up and I’m getting ready to leave the office to go on patrol. Over the King County Sheriff’s Office dispatch radio we have, I hear Officer Michael saying that him and his partner are doing an area check of our biggest problem bus transit center. Since I recognized him and his partner, I moved a couple cameras so I could watch what was going on. Mind you, Officer Michael has been in here several times before, and has requested that if we’re nearby to move the cameras and keep an eye on him, patricularly at this site, in case something happens. So anyways, I start monitoring what Officer Michael and his partner are doing.

At one point, the two officers start going into the bushes, so I zoomed in on the cameras. A few minutes later, the two officers come out of the bushes and were accompanied by two white white guys, one older one younger. When Officer Michael called me later on, he explained that the older of the two apparently had an aggravated assault warrant out on him and technically should have been arrested. However, to me it looked like the guy had faint tattoos on his arms (our cameras aren’t the best), but according to my friend, the guy had gross infected areas all along his visible skin (guy was wearing a t-shirt). Officer Michael’s immediate reaction was “Oh hell no, I’m not touching that, even with gloves on!” I couldn’t stop laughing when he told me!!

Shortly after my friend and his partner walked away from the gross guy, they encountered a Hispanic male and female. The female stated that she was waiting for her husband who went next door to buy beer (?). The guy, however, was drunk off his ass, and apparantley the officers noticed this so they ran the names of the two. The female was just fine. The male apparently gave a name that came back with warrants out on it, so he got handcuffed. After taking the guy to the police vehicle, the officers started searching him, keeping a hand on him for balance due to how drunk he was. My friend ran the guy’s prints, and turns out that the guy didn’t even give the right name. The first and middle names were right,¬† and the birthday, but the last name he gave was incorrect. Apparently the last name given had warrants against it, including one for resisting arrest, but the guy’s actual name was clean and clear. So the officers took the cuffs off of him. As soon as the cuffs were off, the guy sat down on the curb next to the police vehicle, being unable to stand. My friend had to call medics for the guy.

Officer Micheal and I both agreed, when he called me afterwards, that¬†putting the drunk guy into the hands of the medics was the best choice for everyone, mostly so neither of us would have to deal with the guy later on. I’ve already had to call of Officer Michael for several drunk people at that site, whether they were passing around their alcohol to other patrons, taking a piss there on property in full view of the cameras, or just being a general asshole to everyone around them to the point where police presence is the only thing that shut them up. There’s days where I feel bad for calling Officer Michael to go deal with some of these assholes, but then there’s days like today, where I don’t envy his job at all and don’t feel any remose lol. Officer Michael is a good person, and a great cop, but I wouldn’t want his job..ever!! He can keep it. I’ll keep my computers and cameras lol.

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The Journey Begins

Hey all! Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing here, but I’m going to try to entertain you with stories about myself, my family, my animals, and my job. However, I won’t use anyone’s real name. I just think it’s better that way, at least until I can get more comfortable with this. We’ll see how it goes though. Hope to meet some new people along the way!!!

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of things those who dream only by night may miss.” ~ Edgar Allen Poe


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Trying Something New

So I’m going to be very honest here. I have absolutely no idea about what the hell I’m doing here. Honestly, my boyfriend suggested that I start doing this to be a kind of escape and a venting area. I used to love to write, so maybe this will get me back into it again. Who the hell knows???

This is the first official post I’ve done, so I might as well tell a little bit about myself. First off, I was born and raised a Navy brat, so I usually curse like a sailor and then some. So if there’s things said in my posts, don’t take offense to them. Seriously, don’t. Unless I directly reference you, it’s not going to be about you, so shush. Anyways, Navy brat…. I had a rare Navy upbringing. I was born and raised in the same town. My little sister and I lived in the same house all our lives until it was sold a few years ago. I’m currently 28-years-old, although sometimes I really do feel so much older. I live in Renton with my boyfriend, Nick, and our animals. If you want to see the weirdos, you can see my pictures. We’ve got his dog (Romeo) who’s a German Shepard/ Great Dane mix, my dog (Skit) who I think is a lab mix but not quite sure, Nick’s now got a baby Ball Python he brilliantly named Noodle (smh), and I’ve got my Bearded Dragon (Seri). We’ve got an interesting little “family” going. And every single member is special in their own way.

I work security in Seattle, Washington, so I get to deal with some of the idiots in and around Seattle on a daily basis. It’s a toss up about whether they bother me enough to quit my job, or whether they keep me entertained enough to stick around to continue laughing my ass off at their stupidity. I work in the Security Monitoring Center (SMC) in downtown Seattle, right by the Link Light Rail Stadium Station (it’s going to be relevant to know for later venting purposes). I get the “pleasure” of watching people on camera in different areas that we have access to. We also deal directly with different police stations, including the King County Sheriff’s Office and Bellevue Police Department, simply because we have to stay on site 24/7 and monitor the cameras. So we get to be tattle-tales and rat on people who are dumb enough to do stupid shit in view of a camera lens that we have access to. I’ve only been in the SMC since December 2017, and I’ve seen so many people doing the weirdest shit on camera! I’ve seen things like drunk ass people passed out on a concrete bench at a transit center, people high on God-only-knows-what dancing to their hearts content in the middle of a street (thankfully there wasn’t any cars that time of night), women trying to be sneaky and pouring beer into clear water bottles (that one earned a face-palm from my boss when he found out), chick fights because a guy looked at her wrong and his chick was defending him (some women, I swear), couples getting the bright idea to have sex in a car on the top floor of a parking garage, and the worst by far, was having to watch someone die on our cameras while medics were working on him. There’s been tons of things that we’ve seen that I honestly wish I could un-see. Moral of the story: if you’re going to do stupid shit, make sure that 1. there’s no cameras around, or 2. if you decide to do it anyways, make sure it’s entertaining. Someone out there is ALWAYS watching the cameras, no matter where you go.

Let’s see….oh, I’m medicated daily for two things in particular, severe depression and Hypothyroidism. I stopped taking my medications around the same time that we lost my mom in April 107 (that’s another story), and shortly after I got together with my boyfriend, I felt that it was time for me to get back on them. Nick has been really good about making sure that I take them every day lol. We’ve gotten into a routine of the whole thing.

Anyways, so that’s a little bit about me. Probably not the best way to start off, but oh well. Hopefully it’ll get better as I go along. I’ve never done this so we’ll see how long I actually go before I start skipping a few days, then weeks, then just kind of stop all together. At least that’s what I used to do with my journal writing growing up. Hopefully this will be a bit easier to keep up on. I’m going to sign off for the night since tomorrow is a work day unfortunately. Really don’t want to go, but it pays the bills lol.

Anyways, good night, sleep tight.

Loves until next time!